Flip-Flop Sticker: Force-to-Motion Type 3DoF Input Device

Flip-Flop Sticker is a novel force-to-motion type input device enabling 3DoF operations. Flip-Flop Sticker has a seesaw-like mechanism, that is, a pivot point is attached to the bottom of the device. When pressure force is applied to the -Z pointing head, the device is slanted around the pivot point so that “flip-flop” force feedback is generated to a primary operation finger. In addition, the Z-axis motions (+Z and -Z) are orthogonal. This structure realizes both low fatigue and intuitive operations for Z-axis.   [see details]


Ohmic-Sticker: Force-to-Motion Type Input Device for Capacitive Touch Surface

Ohmic-Sticker is a novel force-to-motion type input device to extend capacitive touch surfaces. It realizes various types of force-sensitive inputs simply by attaching on commercial capacitive touchpads or touchscreens. A simple force-sensitive-resistor (FSR)-based structure enables thin (less than 2 mm) form factors and battery-less operation.  [see details]




Ohmic-Touch: Extending Touch Interaction by Indirect Touch through Resistive Objects

Ohmic-Touch enhances touch input modality by sensing resistance.  We implement mechanisms on touch surfaces based on the electrical resistance of the object: for example, to sense the touching position on an interposed object, to identify each object, and to sense light, force, or temperature by using resistors and sensors. [see details]

Memory Stones: An Intuitive Information Transfer Technique between Multi-touch Computers

“Memory Stones” is a novel direct manipulation technique for executing copy-and-paste operations between multi-touch devices. Under our interface concept, a user can “pick up” a data object displayed on one device screen, “carry” it to another device screen, and “put down” the object on that device using only his or her fingers. During this copy-and-paste operation, the user is invited to pantomime the act of carrying a tangible object and to keep his or her fingertip positions unchanged. [see details]

Carbon Copy Metaphor: Combining Absolute and Relative Coordinates Inputs for Trackpads

Carbon Copy Metaphor is a novel input technique involving seamless switching between relative and absolute coordinate modes based on a real-world metaphor for trackpads. In the method, a small workspace (“carbon copy area”) that corresponds in a one-to-one manner to a trackpad surface is displayed on a computer screen. While working on this virtual carbon copy paper, a user can operate in absolute coordinates; outside the paper, relative coordinates are used to move it anywhere and resize it. [see details]

Anamorphicons: an Extended Display Utilizing a Cylindrical Mirror Widget

We propose an interactive system that implements the technique of Anamorphosis, with a flat-panel display and a cylindrical mirror. In this system, a distorted image is shown on a flat-panel display or a tabletop surface, and the original image will appear on the cylindrical mirror when a user puts it on the display. By detecting the position and rotation angle of the cylinder, the system provides interaction between the user and the image on the cylinder. [see details]

Simply Tag and Find: System for Finding Indoor Items by Using Detection History of RFID Tags

We propose a novel method for locating tagged items that use an RFID reader, a smartphone, and unregistered RFID tags attached to a variety of items. As a user moves through a room to locate a target item, our system shows relative distances to the target item and images of items on the way to the target. At the same time, the system scans RFID tags nearby and captures images for scanned RFID-tagged objects. [see details]