Ohmic-Touch: Extending Touch Interaction by Indirect Touch through Resistive Objects


When an object is interposed between a touch surface and a finger/touch pen, the change in impedance caused by the object can be measured by the driver software. This phenomenon has been used to develop new interaction techniques. Unlike previous works that focused on the capacitance component in impedance, Ohmic-Touch enhances touch input modality by sensing resistance. Using 3D printers or inkjet printers with conductive materials and off-the-shelf electronic components/sensors, resistance is easily and precisely controllable. We implement mechanisms on touch surfaces based on the electrical resistance of the object: for example, to sense the touching position on an interposed object, to identify each object, and to sense light, force, or temperature by using resistors and sensors. Additionally, we conduct experimental studies that demonstrate that our technology has a recognition accuracy of the resistance value of 97%.

* Our applications are implemented based on the great documentation provided by the Media Computing Group, Aachen University.

  1. ○Kaori Ikematsu and Itiro Siio:
    Ohmic-Touch: Extending Touch Interaction by Indirect Touch through Resistive Objects

    In Proceedings of 50th ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’18).
    ACM, New York, NY, USA, pp. 521:1–521:8.
    (Full Paper acceptance rate 25 %) [PDF] [Talk Slide] [ACM
  2. ○Kaori Ikematsu and Itiro Siio:
    Ohmic-Touch: Extending Capacitive Touch Input by Indirect Touch through Objects

    JSSST Journal (Japan Society for Software Science and Technology, Recommended Paper), In press
  3. WISS2017 Best Paper Award
  4. WISS2017 Best Presentation Award
  5. お茶大、静電容量方式のタッチパッドやタッチパネルにオブジェクトを介して拡張させるインタラクション技術を発表,Seamless,2018年4月30日 [Link]